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What Is DNS?

And Why Does It Need To Be Managed?

DNS (Domain Name System) is basically a directory that connects visitors to websites by linking the domain name with the website’s location, or IP address. Domain names were designed to make it simple to remember website addresses, rather than remembering long strings of numbers that make up an IP address.

Monitoring the DNS is important to ensure a website continues to function and remain secure. Unexpected changes can cause website outages and hackers can take advantage of vulnerabilities. Digital Pie’s Tauranga-based team can manage your DNS, identifying and resolving any possible issues so your business stays visible to your customers.

Digital Pie offers complete website development and management services. Clients who host their websites with us will benefit from free, reliable and ongoing DNS management.

Always Online

If your main server goes down, a backup server will automatically take over to keep your website up and running.


Your domain will be monitored and secured with SSL certificates. It will also be shielded from DDoS cyber attacks.


We can redirect traffic from HTTP to a secure connection and use ALIAS records when redirecting to new URLs.


You can create a custom email address and we can set up automatic forwarding for emails sent to your old address.


Control what your team members access with Domain Access Control, and set up particular regions where records appear.

No Limits

Benefit from unlimited DNS records and queries overages with our limitless service.

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