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What are Google Ads?
If you’re looking for online advertising then you have probably heard of Google Ads. Part of Google’s strength is being a search engine with intimate knowledge of what interests’ people have online. This allows Google to deliver ads in a way never seen before on this scale.Google Ads offer two main types of online ads:
  • Paid Search ads appear as a text search result on Google search. Text ads are great at reaching people who are actively searching for a product or service. Display ads are more like newspaper style ads that show on popular websites.
  • Display ads have more opportunity for creativity than paid search.
Digital Pie can make sure you get the most from your Google Ads campaigns with cost effective strategies. We always keep up-to-date with Google’s algorithms and policies, meaning you don’t have to.

Why choose us

Great skills without long term commitments

Cost Effective

Get your account managed by the experts from as little as $200 per month.


We have a proven Google AdWords management track record, delivery results month after month.


The Google Ad account is in your name and you maintain admin access, meaning if your not happy with us you can take your account to another agency.


We provide a summary report of all of the changes made to your account every month. We are constantly optimising your campaigns to ensure we stay ahead of the pack.


We are certified Google Ad specialists based right here in Tauranga. Don’t waste your time speaking with offshore call centres who struggle to understand your business.


We will send you “an easy to interpret“ monthly report. You also have complete access to the Google Ads account if you want to drill down.

Let’s Take Your Ad Campaign to the Next Level.

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