Google may have the ‘lions share,’ but other advertising platforms also offer big benefits.

Bing Search Engine

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft’s Bing search is the second most-used search engine, but only serves around 1/40th of the searches that Google does. The demographic of people using Bing tends to be older, which can be relevant to many target markets. The biggest advantage of Bing ads is the price – few businesses are competing for ad space on Bing, so the costs to advertise are much lower. We’ve delivered great return on investment for many businesses using Bing.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has been growing as a display ad publisher year on year. People spend an inordinate amount of time just browsing Facebook, and Facebook knows people’s personal information, age, life-stage, friends, interests, and what they’re talking about interpersonally. This can give Facebook Ads an advantage over Google Ads in many sectors.

Facebook Search

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