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Facebook, Microsoft Ads, Adroll and More

Google May Have the Lion’s Share, But Other Advertising Platforms Also Offer Big Benefits.

Bing Search Engine

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft’s Bing search is the second most-used search engine, but only serves around 1/40th of the searches that Google does. The demographic of people using Bing tends to be older. The older market can be tricky (and expensive) to reach, making Microsoft Ads relevant too many businesses.

The biggest advantage of Bing ads is the price. As fewer businesses are competing for ad space on Bing, the costs to advertise are much lower. We’ve delivered great return on investment for many businesses using Bing.

Facebook Ads

Anyone who has used Facebook in recent days knows how big advertising is to the platform.

Facebook is a great place for advertising due to the amount of information people give to Facebook. The targeting options on Facebook are second to none. Whether your target market is new mums interested in organic baby food or couples celebrating an anniversary in Tauranga within a month, Facebook offers very niche targeting.

Facebook also allows for retargeting people who have previously visited your website or interacted with your business.

Facebook Search

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