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That don’t cost the Earth

Today, a small business website is often the first point of contact for potential customers. It sets people’s expectations. The style, accessibility, content and tone of a website all reflect on the business behind it. First impressions count.

Specialisation is one of the foundations of modern business, and in advertising, marketing and website design, expert guidance pays back substantially. Your time is worth more if you do what you do, and we do your website.

If you want more leads, sales and returns from your website, we can help.

Digital Pie know intimately the ‘funnel’ from display ad or search result to lead generation or conversion on your site. Each element of your site has risks and benefits. We have an intuitive handle on the psychology of internet users, along with an explicit knowledge of the mechanisms that unfold ‘behind the screen.’

Digital Pie make affordable small business websites that deliver results.

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Optimised for experience

A business website is a tool that people use to tell and hear a story. It’s about dialogue: business-to-customer and vice versa.

We’re fans of small business websites that are:

  • Easy-to-use, that are instantly familiar
  • Fast-loading
  • Quick to navigate
  • Informative & comprehensive
  • Great-looking no matter what device is used (mobile, laptop, etc)
  • Integrated with search providers
  • Well-connected to the business (by phone, email, enquiry forms etc)
Optimised Experiences
Expert Site Builders

Expert site builders

Digital Pie have built a multitude of successful websites on solid principles and current best practice.

We generally use WordPress, which isn’t just one type of website but a whole framework of styles and functionalities. We can support Shopify if you prefer.

No matter your technical level, we’ll work with you to create a great website that fulfills your needs.

  1. Outline the content you want to share on your site
  2. Specify as much or as little as you want
  3. Provide us with photos, videos, copy and branding
  4. Or, ask us about any of those – we know specialists and have in-house copywriters
  5. Choose your ‘theme’ – or tell us your needs and we’ll suggest one
  6. We’ll build your new site
  7. We’ll link it to the world – SEO, indexing, analytics, etc
  8. We’ll provide information about how to manage your new site
  9. Or, engage us again for whatever you need.

Ongoing support – to iron out those inevitable creases – is a common courtesy that you can expect.

No surprises- just an agreed price

We’ll talk things through with you. You’ll get a quote. We’ll do the work.

No profiteering contracts or ‘easy’ monthly subscriptions. We believe in costs that reflect the actual work done.

The only ongoing costs we anticipate for a new small business website are those for the physical hosting of the website on cloud computers, and these days that amounts to the price of a few cafe coffees a month. If you prefer to choose your own hosting provider, that’s no problem at all.

Moving forward with you

We like to maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients. The majority of our clients refine their specifications over time. The small changes at the end of a project are often the cheapest, and are also the ones that add the most value.

At the end of the day, each quote is authorised by you, meaning we’re always accountable and you always get a choice.

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