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Microsoft’s Bing is the second most-used search engine but only serves around 1/40th of the searches that Google does. The demographic of people using Bing tends to be older. The older market can be tricky (and expensive) to reach, making Microsoft Ads relevant to many businesses.

The biggest advantage of Bing advertising is the price. As fewer businesses are competing for ad space on Bing, the costs to advertise are much lower. We’ve delivered great returns on investment for many businesses using Microsoft Ads.

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Why Choose Us?

We Use Multiple Networks & Platforms to Reach Your Goal


A Microsoft Advertising pay-per-click campaign with Digital Pie is a very affordable supplement to your other digital marketing efforts..

Increased Reach

We can put your business in front of an audience not always reached by Google, advertising on search engines such as Bing.

Carefully Managed

Our qualified Microsoft Ads experts monitor your conversions and optimise your campaign regularly to meet your goals.

Digital Pie is a Microsoft Advertising Partner, an endorsement awarded to the most qualified digital agencies with in-depth knowledge of Microsoft search advertising.

We have certified pay-per-click advertising specialists that keep up with training and developments. Our team creates effective advertising campaigns that make the most out of our clients’ budgets.

Let’s Take Your Ad Campaign to the Next Level.

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