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Introducing Zoho.

Appearance is everything in business and your work email is no exception. At Digital Pie, we recognize the need for a reliable, safe, and affordable business email solution. We have investigated multiple avenues and are happy to recommend Zoho Mail.

Zoho Mail is a secure email hosting service that allows you to have a professional email such

Digital Pie is an authorised partner of Zoho Mail. We offer the same products at the same price. By using a local partner, you will reap the benefits of out in-house skills and expertise.

Benefits of Zoho Mail

Used by freelances, small, medium and large organisations

Stay Professional

Stay professional with Offering unique and professional email addresses give your company the authenticity and visibility it deserves.

Mass Emails and Schedule Emails

Emails can be scheduled to send in Zoho at a preset time or at each contact's best time. All these activities can be added to workflows for a one-time setup.

Mobile Apps

Zoho offers an app, to view your emails in real time and respond with your professional, automated signature. Zoho offers apps for both IOS system software and Android devices.


Zoho offers you the abiltiy to reflect your company colours and your logo in your email account.


Data security with comprehensive features, protect both you and your clients' privacy. Zoho ensures your data is complaint with privacy regulations.

Control Panel

Zoho offers a powerful Control Panel. You can add users, create aliases, moderate email content and more.

Secure Email Hosting for Your Business



Email on the Move

Manage your business communications even when you’re away from your desk. Native mobile apps for Mail, Mail Admin, and Streams make staying in touch on the go easier and effortless. Zoho offers:

Check out the feature-based comparison

Zoho Mail vs. Microsoft Exchange vs. Google Workspace



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Mail Lite


per user per month
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Zoho Workplace Standard


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Exchange Online (Plan 1)


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Business Starter


per user per month
*All prices are based on annual commitment contracts. If anyone chooses a more flexible term, the prices may vary. Prices are calculated at current exchange rates between Australian Dollar and US Dollar as of the 3rd May 2021.

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