A Comprehensive Guide to Our WordPress Plugins

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Creating Stunning Websites with Premium Plugins

In today’s digital age, a visually appealing and attention-grabbing website that also performs well is essential for any business. We contribute by creating these effective and visually appealing websites using WordPress and a variety of plugins. The premium plugins allow us to make customisations that would otherwise cost you hundreds of dollars to design on your own.

Below is a brief overview of each plugin we use, as well as the price you would pay if you were to purchase them individually. While we appreciate that the plugins aren’t necessary, they provide a lot of benefit to the user. An individual would expect to pay an estimated $700 NZD each year for all the WordPress plugins, however, Digital Pie offers them all for free as part of our service.

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is the fastest and most capable page builder for WordPress. It allows us to manage your entire website design, user interactions, conversions, and more from a single live page builder. With Elementor Pro, we will create beautiful and responsive websites without any coding or design experience. We also use Elementor Pro to create custom designs, add ecommerce functionality, and integrate with other popular WordPress plugins. The annual fee for Elementor Pro is $59 USD, which equates to $100 NZD with the current exchange rate (08/09/2023).

Akismet Spam Protection

Akismet is an advanced spam filter that works by using anti-spam algorithms produced by AI to analyse comments for spammy patterns, such as links to malicious websites or irrelevant content, with a proven 99.99% accuracy. If a comment is flagged as spam, it is automatically deleted. Akismet is constantly being updated to improve its accuracy and effectiveness. As a result, it is one of the most effective spam filters available. The annual fee for Akismet is $15.95 NZD for their business plan.

SEOPress Pro

SEOPress is the best WordPress search engine optimisation (SEO) plugin. It includes all the features you need to rank higher in search results. With the integration of OpenAI into SEOPress Pro, it is now even easier to generate meta titles and descriptions that are relevant and engaging. OpenAI is a powerful language model that can generate text that is both human-quality and relevant to your content. This means that we can now create meta titles and descriptions that are more likely to attract clicks and improve your search engine ranking. The annual fee for SEOPress Pro is $49 USD, which equates to $83 NZD with the current exchange rate (08/09/2023).

Premium Addons

Premium Addons Pro is a plugin that supercharges the Elementor page builder, offering 40+ advanced widgets like testimonial, pricing table, and social media widgets. It also provides 7 section add-ons such as hero and call to action sections, 7 global features including sticky header and mega menu, and over 450 section figures we use as a foundation for your site design. This extensive toolkit allows us to customise your website with ease. The annual fee for Premium Addons Pro is $39 USD, which equates to $66 NZD with the current exchange rate (08/09/2023).

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a caching plugin that helps speed up the loading time of websites by optimising the performance of all files on the site. It does this by compressing and minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, as well as removing unused CSS and JavaScript files. WP Rocket also enables lazy loading of images, which means that images are only loaded when they are needed on a page, which can also help to improve loading times. Overall, WP Rocket is a powerful tool that we use to improve the performance of your website. The annual fee for WP Rocket is $59 USD, which equates to $100 NZD with the current exchange rate (08/09/2023).

WP Forms Pro

WP Forms Pro provides 900+ form templates to choose from, allowing you to create all types of forms your website could possibly need in minutes. It also manages areas such as payment fields and integrates with other popular plugins, making it easy to connect your forms to other aspects of your website. The annual fee for WP Forms Pro is $99 USD, which equates to $168 NZD with the current exchange rate (08/09/2023).

iThemes Security Pro

iThemes is a WordPress plugin that offers important security features, such as two-factor authentication and IP address blocking. This provides real-time security and 24/7 monitoring, which are essential for any website. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your website by requiring users to enter a code from their phone in addition to their password. IP address blocking allows you to block specific IP addresses from accessing your website, which can help prevent attacks from known malicious IP addresses. iThemes also offers a number of other security features, such as malware scanning and file integrity monitoring. If Digital Pie is managing your WordPress plugins you can rest assured that we will address any vulnerabilities identified by iThemes Security Pro. The annual fee for iThemes Security Pro is $99 USD, which equates to $168 with the current exchange rate (08/09/2023).

Closing Thoughts

These plugins make our lives easier by creating smoother, faster, and more secure websites.With our range of plans we will take care of all the website maintenance and optimisation of these plugins to ensure they are always running at their best. Doing this yourself, the total cost of these separate plugins, as well as the knowledge required to integrate and optimise them, could quickly become expensive. With Digital Pie, we combine these costs and technical expertise into one all-inclusive package that gives you a competitive edge in the digital world.

Table of Contents

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