WSF Men’s Squash Championship

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Digital Pie sponsors WSF International Squash Championship with website

Digital Pie is a proud sponsor of the WSF Men’s World Team Squash Championship, to be hosted in December 2023. We partnered with Squash New Zealand to create a dynamic and engaging website for the tournament. We rebranded the existing website, thoughtfully displaying all the information visitors and competitors need to know before the big event.

We have delivered a visually stunning website for the official WSF Men’s World Team Squash Championship, continuing the eye-catching branding from our previous collaborations.

The website, features a custom and easy-to-use results table, an impressive gallery showcasing past tournament victors, comprehensive event details, and various other engaging elements to enhance the user experience.

After the tremendous success of the New Zealand Squash Open in 2022, the Bay of Plenty is proud to host another international squash event that is also being eagerly anticipated by squash lovers across New Zealand. As part of the website redesign, we have created a community activity page that showcases the unique attractions in the Bay of Plenty region.

The international tournament is sure to bring an influx of visitors to the Bay of Plenty, helping raise the profile of the region on a global scale and have a positive impact on the local economy.

The event kicks off on the 11th of December 2023 and is set to be a major milestone for Tauranga. We are thrilled to be playing our part in helping the event organisers promote this exciting international sporting event.

We look forward to seeing the positive impact this international sporting event will have on the local Bay of Plenty community and economy.

We’ve also completed a new website build for the Oceania Junior Championships that are being held in December, we are proud to contribute to the growth and success of the tournament. Shining light on the next generation of squash enthusiasts. 

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Table of Contents

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