The Digital Pie Website Design Process

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At Digital Pie, we have mastered the formula for creating a successful website and can adapt our method to benefit any business, including yours! Here, we go into detail on what is involved in our professional website design service.

The Vision

There is more to website design than creating a cutting-edge new look for your business. Informed planning and strategy, competitor analysis, and innovative creativity are all part of the process.

At this stage of the design process, we establish the vision for the project. Our directors will coordinate a time to meet and discuss what you want to achieve with your Digital Pie website design. This stage is crucial for identifying key goals and defining a clear project scope.

This initial meeting allows us to better understand your needs, the objectives of the website, any issues currently being faced, understand assets such as reviews and accolades that can be used to support your distinct brand identity.

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The Structure

Once the vision of the project is established, we then work with you to create the website sitemap. This is essentially the structure of the website. 

We use the scope of the project to define how the functionality and content will help the website to accomplish all of your goals. Our in house Copywriting experts will help shape the path of your website functionality.

The Design

After a clear idea of the site architecture is formed, we start building out your brand identity and designing the site.

Our experienced web designers create mock-ups for the home page, as well as other internal pages such as a services page, product page and project page, on a case by case basis.

We use placeholder text on the mock design pages to ensure you are happy with the direction. After the mock design is completed, we submit it to you on InVision to review and approve the general approach. Once you have approved the mock design, we then dive into developing the site.

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The Creation

This is where our team of experts develops and builds the site. A domain name is secured if needed and web hosting set up, then the coding can start. A demo URL will be sent to you so you can monitor our progress as we build the site.

Our web designers review all functionality settings of the website, meticulously testing all features and they make sure everything is performing as intended. They make design adjustments, where needed, to assure the brand is clearly and professionally identified through innovative and visually stunning design.

Now that your website is built and fully functioning. our professional website design service will ensure you have all the tools to grow your business.

Still unsure? Hear from a few of our valued clients on their experience with us.

Table of Contents

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