You cannot underestimate the value of professional photography, and here at Digital Pie we always recommend using a professional photographer if your budget permits. Our team works with several photographers based in the Bay of Plenty, ensuring that no matter the project, we have the right expert for you.

Our team will assess your project needs, consider your budget, and then propose the most suitable photographer for your business project. This personalised approach ensures that the visual content created aligns with your vision and objectives.

Abigal Edmeades, the founder of AE Photos is one of the photographers that we use here at Digital Pie. Originally from Canada, Abigal moved to New Zealand in 2019 and embarked on her photography journey whilst working in a marketing role. Frustrated by the subpar quality of photos she encountered in her line of work, she decided to learn how to master the art of capturing images exactly as she envisioned them. Dedicated to producing photographs that not only meet but exceed expectations, Abigal aims to deliver images that clients are satisfied with and are genuinely proud to showcase.

Abigal has provided the following packages to Digital Pie customers, with no commission being charged by Digital Pie. All photos taken will be the property of the client.

abi potrait photo

Photography Packages Abigal offers to Digital pie customers:

Description Price
3 Hour Package
2 hours of photography and 1 hour of editing
4.5 Hour Package
3 hours of photography and 1.5 hours of editing
6 Hour Package
4 hours of photography and 2 hours of editing

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